Monica Gan

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Monica Gan

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Program, promotional material and media release for Monica Gan's "Wardrobe".
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wardrobe Welcome to wardrobe. ConceptandOloreography* I am very excited to present this work to you. It has been in d2velopmen t for two years, and stems from my curiousity about and fascination with the relationship between people and their clothes. This subject encompasses so much and there were many id2as and issues which I didn't get to for this current presentation. What we cbhave is a glimpse into the land of appearances, people, and dress. Enjoy your look. Monka G,an (except where*) Performers t Meo-an Andrews, J11<;tine Cham hers, Jennifer Dahl, ,., , · h · 'lh p.'iOn P-aul DcAdder, Monica Gan. Roher1 Clumhck, Step ame om 0-iginal music &soundengineer Peter Mundinger I would like to thank the dancers for their incredible support, initiative, generosity, and creative input in making this piece. 0-iginal clothing ~signs Michelle Hirtlc, Magda Majaak, Z.oran Dohrir Voice tracks dg 2 The sections two to ... , the pan ts, and originally created with Learie McNicolls Ginette Beauchamp, Justine Cham hers, David Hou, were Duane WOO(l<;, Vtnce Rielskis Photography Thank you for joining us. Enjoy the sh ON! [)a,,id llou Lighting d2sign /\run Srinivasan prn productions Stage Management Christine l lcath House Technician Aboutprn productions: "prn" is a medical abbreviation that stands for the Latin "pro re nata", meaning whep necessary, or when neearl The company was found2din 2(0) out of a need to produce and present quality works that entertain. for Ruddies in Rad Times 'rheatrc Chris Prideaux License fcr use cf copyri ghted w::irks cf music granted by SOCAN. - ~1 the ...orfcrn-ers are '1'.eari ng their OMl cl cthes .. . In S(D]•01s nct ctIierw1·se ~ , iv..,:.:u, , ,..., , · l All perforrrers are n-embers of All'iance of Dance Artists the ,...---~· l...,i:UklUtan the shirt Stephanie Thompson mmir: ]vi. Vickers, mix hy Peter Mundinger wardrobe fashion interlude: choker-anklet chain design hy Michelle 1Tirtle ctg2* getting ready Monica Gan Justine Chambers, Paul DcAddcr music: Bela Fleck mllsic: Propcllerhead<;, choreography: Monica, Paul & Justine new shoes the catwalk Megan Andrews, Justine Chambers, Jennifer Dahl music: Natalie McMaster in order of appearance the pants Monica Gan D=sign by tvkxiell ed by Justine Chambers Jenni fer Dahl Stephanie 'fhompsm Paul CeAdder M.:..-ganAndre\i\,S Robert Q umbeck Stephanie 'fhompsm Justine Chambers Jenni fer Dahl Paul CeAdder ~an A ndr·e\i\,S Magda Majczak Bustier by Michelle Hirrle Magda Majczak Za-an D±iric music: Peter Mundinger yang/yin Megan Andrews, Ju'-tine Chambers, Jennifer Dahl, Paul Det\dder, Robert Glumbek, Stephanie 1homp,<;on music: Peter Mundinger ~ Majczak Magda Majczak Harness with chains by fvlichelle Hirde Bustier by Michelle Hirtle Mi chelle Hirtle Za·an D±iri c ZcnmD±iric Za-an D±iric J us tine Chambers fashion interlude: design hy Magda Majoak two to ... Megan Andrews, .Jw;tinc Chambers. Monica Gan, Robert Glumheck mll~c: Peter Mundinger fashion interlude: d esign by Zoran Dobric one is one mw.ic: Cake, Black Eyed Pe..ts Megan Andrews, Ju<;tine Cham hers, .Jennifer Dahl, Paul DcAdder, Monica Gan, Robert Glumhck, Stephanie 'fhompson music: Peter Mundinger Biographies Megan Andrews (131A, MA) is an indepemlent dance anist, originally from Vancouver. Publisher/Iu unding Witur of the monthly dance magazine, 'Jhe fimce Cwren1, /vlt.-gan works as a perlonner, teacher, chon:..'OgrJ.pher, rehearsal dir{.'(:1:or and writer/editor in Toronto. An original member of CORPUS, she has worked with many independent choreogrJ.phers including Julia Aplin, Sylvie Bouchard, Cornelius Fischer-Credo, Susanna J-lood, Mitch Kirsch, llari Krishnan, Lee Su-Feh, Michelle Silagy, Darryl 'J'mcy :md Eryn D. Tmdelt. Megan's choreographic works have oc-eJ1 presented by Series 8:08, fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists (tHDA), Dusk l}.!!Kes and Dancing on the Wge and her writing has been publishE..-d in severJ.! journals ;.ind newsletters. One of the original co-hosts of the Toronto r-tdio show, bvi-Dance, ML>gan is also on the board of the Canadian Alliance of l}J.nce Artists (CADA), the Canadian Assuciatiun of Professional D-ance;..ations (CAP[)()) and the Canadi.m L}..mce Assembly (CDA). Megan is pleased to be working with JVlonica on this projecL Justine Chambers is a Toronto-based independent dance artist who completed her post secondary ooucation at the Ryerson 'lbe-J.tre School's dmce depanment in 19%. Frum May 19% through December1 999 she was a senior dancer with Desrosiers DJ.nee Theatre with whom she toured both nationally and internationally and had roles crea.wd for her in over live works. Chambers has worked with Canadian d1oreugr.1phers: Sony.1 Biernath, Karen Duplessis, Monka Gan, Je1m Goodwin, !Vlitch Kirsch, Lu.cie, Yvonne Ng, Vicki St. Denys, Heidi StrJ.uss, Julia Sasso and L'kbbie Wilson; and international choreugrnphers: Rosaeja llars!und (Denmark), D.ivid I lurwith ( USA), Kota Yama;,aki (Japan). Justine Chambers is on faculty at [}..mce Teq and a guest teacher at the Qµinte Ballet School for the 2001/2UU2 sch(Xll ye.i.r. She has perlvnned for film and television and has been feJ.tured in music videui; by Sarah CrJ.ig and David Bowie. Chambers has created work for The Ryerson The-J.tre School acting department, The GrL"Cks; Cumpleal Theatre, '!he Self; The Jvlusic Gallery, unlided for dancer and Ji, Series 8:08, umicled; Series 8:08 Season Finale, Treading lilges. She has continued her study of dance, theau·e ,md movement thrnugh studying various lorms of improvisation including Action '}beater, Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement ,md Body IVlimi Centering. Jennifer Dahl began her d.mce training in Saskatchewan and ('Ontil1u(."li her studies in Munt.real and New York before gmduating from the School of Toronto Dance 'Jheatre. She has perforn1ed across Cmada il1 the work uf acclaimed chonx)graphers David 1:arle, Learie McNicolls, DAJ-loskins, Kate Alton, GrJ.ham McKelvie and I.lilt Coleman. Recent theatre/dance projects have il1duded playwright Djanet Sears' premiere of 'Jhe Advemures vFa Bl<1ck Girl in Se:m'h of God and Volcano theatre's sound poeuy revival of 1he Four Horsemen directed by Ross Manson. Jenniler is a cenified J>ilates i11strunor and has a science degree from the University of Toronto. Upcoming projeCls include more sound poeuy and a quartet collaboration with chorL'Ogl"J.phers Kate Alton and Julia Sasso. Paul DeAdder hails from Moncton, New llrunswick. l le discovered dance ;,,tt the l lalifax D.ince Association and is a graduate of the School of Toronto DJ.nee 'lheatre. lie has enjoyed working with Danny Crossman D.:111ce Cump-.tny over the last tour years and is kx:iking forward to a career as an independent dancer. Paul's fashion preferences include white tube sucks, mesh shoes and unitanh, but for his favowite fashion ensemble he prefers black polyester "rear low rise" pants and complementary black tube turtleneck, which he sports amiably in this evening's perfom1ance. Zoran Do bric was born in Yugoslavia, where he began his design ~tudies. lie has also studiL<l fashion in Canada - graduating from the University of Manitoba il1 1998, and digital image at lnstituto Marangoni, Milan, specializing in gmphic design il1 the fashion indusuy. Zor.m is the recipient of numerous fashion awards il1eluding the Millenium Design Award, and the International Textile and Apparel Association first Prize for best wearnble art in 1998. Zuran's designs are available at the prestigious 1-Cll (99 Yorkville Street, 'l 'o ronto) and by custom order at his web page hnp:/ / Monica Gan is an independent dance artist who has perfonned across Canada and il1 the United States lur many different choreugrnphers including Learie McNicolls, Andrea Nann, Mid1ael Downing, Alejandro Ronceria, Megan Andrews, Rosa Mei (New York), CORPUS, and Sam Poner. Jler previous works include In Time and jWJgle Twang for Summer Cocktails i11 1996, and Cleaning l luuse, perli:irn1ed at the l 0th aimuaJ Fringe Festival of independent D.mce Artists to critical acclaim. She was a founding executive committee member fur 'Jhe H.mce Cun-ent, and founded prn productions in 2000. Monka began her movement uaining as a gymnast and has also studied Shaotin Kw1g Fu and Tai Chi. She holds a BSc in Phannacv from the University of Toronto and may be foW1d working as a ph~madst when not in the studio or on stage. Robert Glumbek Upon graduation from Brytum State l3allet School in Poland, Ruben Glwnbek joined the Great 'Ih e-J.tre of OperJ. and l.lallet in Warsaw as a soloist. In October 19 87, Robert lelt Poland tu further pursue his career in Canada Over the years Robert ha'> worked with choreographers such as Maurice Rejart, Serge Rennathan, John Butler, Roberto Campenella, Peter Chin, Rohert Desrosiers, Dominjque Dumais, Bill James, I Jans van Manen, Lcarie McNicolls, John Neumeier and Holly SmaJl. As a Canadian artist, Robert continues to focus on his dance career, while at the same time he e"11lores his career a'> a choreographer. He went to Helsinki, Finland, in 1<)<)9, to choreograph Akhnaton, a play written by Mika Waltari. More recently Robert collahorated with Roberto Campenella to choreograph Nine Sentiments inspired by Michael Ondaatje's poem Nine Sentiments. Robert has always found time to teach internationally and locally. Christine Heath completed hoth her BFA and MA in dance at York University. She is currently the Artistic Coordinator of George Brown Dance as well as a faculty member in the Dance Department at York University. Christine holds intennediate certification in Labanotation and gives workshops in both T.abanotation and Motif WriHng. She is also a stage/production manager for dance and theatre and has worked with many dance artists including Holly Small, Lisa Sandlos and Bageshree Vaze and such organizations as fallen angel Productions, Flesh and Rones Productions, Mighty Brave Productions, fFIOA, York University and CORA. Christine recently founded a not-for-profit production company, STAGF/D Productions for the Performing Arts. Michelle Hirtle attended the fashion Design program at the International Academy of Design from January 1997 to June 1998, completing a two-year program in a year-and-a-haJf. While at the Academy she completed a portfolio, 300 ,..,·ork study hours and created a mini line for the graduation fashion show. Michelle nxeived 3rd place and was one of four students d1osen out of close to one hundred entrants in a fashion design contest held by Herman Marketing, to create de'>igns for racecar drivers for Pennzoil. She has created several custom designs for private clients and is currently interested in exploring fe1ishwear design. Peter Mundi nger Gemini-nominated compo.ser Peter Mm1dinger has wtinen Jor a variety of television shows inducting: C1Y's Coke Po11rai1S for the and Ullihammcr Olympic~~ CBC's Willle:;/; ·- HeLween Here w1d Heaven; C !Y's Skiting 'Jhrough the Sand - a story about the lsr.:ieli Hockey Team; Fresh Paiuc Birth of a Franchise and Birth of a ·1'earn covering the beginning of the 1'uromo Haptors; ·1·reehouse Television's pre-school progrnm Crazy Qµilt For seven years he w~is Canadian rl ire's Corporate Compu;er. More recemly his music ha.s lx.-en heard on 'Jhe Olympians for CBC's coverage of the ~'ydney Olympics as well as a sp..-x:ial for Toronto Maple Leafs Tie [);)mi - What it Takes. ln April 2001 his dark score accompanied History Channel's documentary Unlucky Lady. In 1998 he began pe1forming for the dance company, CORPUS in Rendezvous presentt.'Ci at the The-.1tre Centre and the du Maurier Theatre Centre. CORPUS used his talents once again in Hock of fliers, which was performed in Ottawa's and Toromo's Dusk Dances as wcll as in Moncton, New Brunswick for the Francophone SurnmiL lle went on to music for COlU:>LJS' production of Bridge of Sighs, presented at the Gallery Theatre. ln November of 2(X)2 he continues his musical collaboration with CDRPUS in NuiL Blanche. Arun Srinivasan is a lighting designer for dance, music, theatre and sp<.-x:ial evems. Dance credits include Desrosiers Dance 'Theatre, Danny Grossman 0d.11Ce Comp-..1.ny, Peter Chin, fujiwara Dance Inventions, Ballet Jorgen, Hari Krishnan, D..mce ·lhe-.1tre D'..tvid lilrle, CORPUS, the National Ballet School, Sasha lva.nochko and six years uf JHDA 1heatre credits include SummerWurks, Cahoots 'theatre Projects, Lovers and Madmen, 'fheatre Asylum, fiJ.uity Showcase ·1heatre, Shakespeare In Action and Buddies In Bad ·f'irnes rl heatre. Arun has been an assistant to lighting designers for new galleries at the Royal Ontario !Vluseum ~md is currently the Toronto assistant lighting designer for ·111e liun King. Current projects include Sr10w White in Ukraine, touring Singapore and Malaysia this summer with Canadian Children's Dance Theatre and CJ Y's F...tll launch. Arun is a member of the Associated Designers of Canada. Magda Majczak is a recent graduate of the F-ashion Design Program at Ryerson Polytechnic University from which she obtained a BM in May 2001. Since graduating, she ha<; pursued a career in fashjon, working with various photographers to showcase her de5igns and is currently working on a women'swear line to be launched in Fall/Winter 2002 in which nature serves a<; the main inspiration. In this line, innovative design details are combined ,-vith artistry and craftsmanship to give a feeling of elegance and urban chic. Through many artistic endeavours, Magda utilizes her creative statement and challenges herself in engineering immarulate fit. Stephanie Thompson began dancing at age seven in the nickel capital of the north, Sudbury, Ontario. As a co-founding member of the collective Company Blonde, Stephanie is currently working with Serge Bennathan, Learie McNicolls, J\1kheal Sean l'vlarye and Dean Gilmour on the creation of Ruby Jfu1.ard, projected for fall 2002. Stephanie will be dancing a new duet by Micheal Sean Marye with lifetime friend Sunny Dixon in this year's Spring mtt::s, and will be perio rming at Ottawa's Dusk Dances in Highland Epic by Megan Andrews. Stephanie's fashion pet peeves include white tube S<X'ks, nylons, obvious gitch lines, unitards, tr.:ick pants with cuffs and mesh shoes lhank you Martica for not asking us to wear any of these. proud sponsor of wardrobe JOHN FIJJEVOG. Laidlaw FoL1ncJation STAGE/D Your Life. Your 0eans. Productions.for the Per.fnrming Arts Christine Heath Direct.or we're entering our 5th year MAGAZINE 416-889-4297 120 Geoffrey Street Toronto, ON M6R 1P3 jr:riirannua1 bash! and special announcements! stay for birthday cake and live jazz >> May 15th, 2002 at 7pm, Official celebration at 8pm special guest speaker Serge Bennathan of Dancemakers Bar Italia 582 College Street (upstairs) 453 CHURCH STREET, SOUTH OF WELLESLEY TEL: 416-967-9221 SPECIALIZING IN HIV/ AIDS • • • • No $2 .oo co-payment for ODB and Trillium clients FACT sheets on all your prescriptions Personal and confidential service Counselling on all medications and supplements For DanceWorks 130 Spadi na Ave., Ste 203A, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2L4 T (416) 204- 1082 F (416) 204- 1085 e- rr0i 1: BOA RD OR DTRECTDRS Thonus Hui , Lyn C.reen, Wendy Reid, Looise Walker STAFF Mimi Beck - Dance Curator Ra;s 1yn Jacob- Edwards - Ceneral Manager prn prailctims gratefully ackncwlecges its spc.nsccs fer their suppcrt Toe Founchtim, Otway Pharmacy, Big Star Jeans In Kind O:>nations John Fluevog Shoes, lliane Wc:x:xi5 Individual llinors Anonymous x8, Scott Booth, Martin Q1ang, Laurie Omn, Kristen Hallett- Barrett, Nancy Humphreys, Anita and Richard Stockmans, Liana Loh and Bob Steadman, Chris 'Iheis, Chris Weitzel, Stephen Woo. lhank you to all those who have contributedin many ways to1nake this show possible: Ginette Beauchamp, Justine 01ambers, Zahid Somani, Larry and Gloria Sdlo, Rosslyn Jacob- Edwards, Mimi Beck, IanceWorks, Gwen Bartleman in Bad 'limes Theatre, lVliko Sobreira, Anita Stockmans, BRAVQ Paula Gtron, Shannon Qxhrane, Anne Patterson and the llmny Grossman Iance Cbn1pany, Andrea Nann, Regina Radi.sic, 1rees Gan, Relly Kwee, lvlaria Galati, The Ilmce Current, .Drrryl 1racy, Teena Walker. Special thanks to Megan Andrews, Th.vidHou, Randy Glynn, Mark Cgilvie and Summit I:Rsign. '!hanks also to all those who allowed 1ne to take their picture: lara Divis, Vince Bielskis, Leigh &Carolyn, Jason Young, Justine Chambers, Robin Gan, Rosslyn Jacob-Edwards, Heather Royce-Roll, DlvidSeanian, Ryan &Pasqualino, Rookie Elmi, Rose C-.orcbn, Ian Jaines, Valentine Goctlard, Mac Pourslemi, and the anonymous m~ls If you would like n1ore information about prn productions or are interested in supporting this or future projects, please con tact Monica G-dll at 416-975- 5256. pmgn.uu designu.l b) lvk.'ga.11AI1ctrl:!lvs