Boris Volkoff School of Dance Recital Program, May 27 - 29, 1936

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Boris Volkoff School of Dance Recital Program, May 27 - 29, 1936

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Program for the Boris Volkoff School of Dance recital, Hart House Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, May 27 - 29, 1936.
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SCl100L ··. t>FTttE ~CT · • ,. ,r , l-iAl:2T liOU§~ Tti~,4.Tl:2IE TOVO~TO MAY 27th, 28th and 29th, 1936 at 8.30 o'clock BORIS VOLKOFF SCHOOL with BORIS VOLKOFF SCHOOL BORIS VOLKOFF with BORIS VOLKOFF Margaret Graham, L.R.A.M. Margaret Clemens at the piano at the piano DANCE RECITAL PROGRAMME Under the patronage of Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Hahn Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Stewart Mr. and Mrs. H. Voaden Admiral and Madame M. G. Gedeonoff Mrs. Edmund Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Seitz Mr. and Mrs. R. Van Valkenberg Mr. and Mrs. Peter Haworth GOD SAVE THE KING * 1. Grotesque Pauline Sullivan, Mildred Wickson, Janet Baldwin, Billy Cochrane, Clara Ord, Florence Smeaton. 2. Babies Lully Jane Mathews, Peggy Heywood, Mary Margaret Horning, Barbara Anne Johnston, Margaret Mundy, Sharon Kerbel, Margaret Leitch, Margaret Fox, Gloria Lyons. 3. Beginners Dorothy Harley, Jocelyn Harley, Anne Saunders, Joyce Soward, Evelyn Vandervoort, Elizabeth Strange, Marie Sheppard, Jane Leitch. 4. Tap (a) Margann Stowe. (bl Catherine Cochrane. (c) Patsy Curtis, Jacqueline Arthurs. Handel PROGRAMME Schubert-Dohnanyi, Pesse 5. A la Moderne 0 Grace Nicholson, Rita Warne, Lillian Stambler, Kitty Fisher, Dorothea Beattie, Ruth MacRae, Marian Kinney, Gladys Neale, Esme Thomas. 6. Country Dance n u e 13. (a) Presentation ( b) Promenade (c) Pavane 14. "In the Country" Beethoven (a) Norma Laurie, Teddy Laurie. (b) Marian Kinney, Evelyn Murdock, Helen Pritchett. 16. Polka Pieczonka 17. Tap (a) Nancy Anne Featherstone. (b) Jack Lemen. 9. A Little Bit o' Scotch Florence Smeaton, Megan Nicholson, Grace Nicholson. 18. V~ltz Impromptu 10. Norwegian Levitski Norma Laurie, Joyce McKenna, Grace Twiss, Cecile Goodman, Shirley Brown. Grieg Helen Pritchett, Ruth Geller. 19. Tap (a) Evelyn Pasen. (b) Evelyn and Eileen Pasen. - Clemens Gloria Lyons, Margaret Fox, Barbara Cook, Barbara Hopkins, Barbar~ Chisholm, Billy Bickle, GHda Silver, Gloria Wright. INTERMISSION ( 10 minutes) 12. Capric.'.: - Strauss Joan Hutchinson. Katherine Campbell, Pattie Anne Fisher, Jean Wadsworth, Shirley Rubidge, Nancy Anne Featherstone, Mary Robinette, Nellie Butko, Barbara Duncan, Beverley Duncan. - Tschaikowsky, Cui 15. Tap Norma Laurie, Laurie Dacuk, Jean Snyder, Pat Mathews, Lorraine Partridge . 11. Dutch Ravel Irma Dorfman. Meyer-Helmund 8. Neapolitan d) Janet Baldwin, James D. Pape Shirley Brown, Grace Twiss, Joyce McKenna, Cecile Goodman. 7. Nocturne (Cont - Kreisler, Delibes Boris Voikoff, Ruth Ge!ler, Mildred Wickson, Pauline Sullivan, Mary V/iid2r, Joan Hutchinson, Florence Smeaton, Lillian Stamblcr, Helen Pritchett, Billy Cochrane. f \ 20. Mood Ruth Geller. ·~21. Mon-Ka-Ta Bunny L~n;;i, Pauline Sullivan, Janet Baldwin, Cla ra Ord, Helen Pr:tch~tt, Mary Wilder, J oan Hutchinson, Florence Smeaton, Billy Cochrane, Miidred Wickscn, Marsden Hail, Jack Lemen, James D. Pzpc. N1.1mbers 2 and 3 will not be given at the Friday Recital Debussy USHERS EXPLANATION OF MON-KA-TA ~ Mon-Ka-Ta, surrounded by mourners and the wise women, decides to wait for three days at the grave of his wife in order that he may follow her soul to the land of the departed. He invokes the aid of the Medicine Man and wise women, and as a sign of his supernatural power they give him a rope of eagle down and also a box in which to hold her soul. In the ceremony they remind him of the tabu; not to look back, not to fall asleep, and not to touch her soul. Just before dawn on the third day, his vigil is ended as he sees her soul rise from the grave. Despite her entreaties to do otherwise, he follows her westward to the afterworld. Arriving at the edge of the horizon, he is confronted by the guardians who keep watch over the entrance to the spirit land. On the other side, Mon-Ka-Ta sees his wife surrounded by spirits who had gathered for the round dance, and tells the guardian that he wants to be with his wife or take her back home again. His wife comes and they sit and talk. The other spirits resent the presence of a living person and warn her that she cannot stay longer. She returns to the spiri'ts and asks her husband to join their dancing. He, however, is so weary that he falls asleep. The next time the spirit of his wife comes to him, she appears more human and, unable to overcome his longing, MonKa-T a touches her, whereupon she falls in his arms. In his great sorrow at his failure he finds she has become a log. Wednesday, May 27th-Miss Miss Miss Mn. Miss Mary Pape Claire Mugan Elaine Melhuish Wm. Pape Orla Beer Thunday, Maiw, 28th- Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Jack Pape Don Campben Ross McKay Rutherford Lang Friday, May 29th- Mr. John Hutchin1on Mr. Robert Reid Mr. Thoma■ Runel Mr. David Campbell All dance, arranged by Bori1 Volk.ti. Mr. Volkoff'1 dances and tho■c of his pupils arc ori9l■al. Tap numben arranged by Jack Lemen, *Costumes designed by Ronald McRae. Other costumes designed by James D. Pape. Stage lighting effech by Fred Coates. Masks and totem pole by Mn. E. Hahn. Piano by courtesy of Heintsman & Co. Ltd. Costumes made by Mn. Markow, Miu M. Claydon, Mn. J. ladalc Johnaton. Elisabeth Arden Screen-Stage make-up uttd excluaively for this recital. School will be Closed 6th June, 1936 Opens for New .Registration 8th Sept., 1936 Aesthetic Dramatic Ballet Russian Toe Dance Tap Character Plastic and Expressive Movements Classes for Teachers Covering Basic Principles of Technique and Routines This number will be presented in July this year at the Olympic to be held in Berlin. 771 YONGE ST., TORONTO Block North of Bloor Telephone Kl. 2918 NOTICE TO STUDENTS The ideal upon which this school is founded is not merely that the students should learn certain, methods of dancing, but that they should understand the theories underlying the art of the dance. The Edson Pnss, 5 Linsmore Crescent, Toronto.