Sebastián Oreamuno DCD Discover Dialogues images

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Sebastián Oreamuno DCD Discover Dialogues images

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Born in Santiago, Chile, Sebastián Oreamuno is a queer Toronto-based artist and academic currently pursuing his PhD in Dance Studies at York. His doctoral research explores the relationship between memory, place-making and cueca (the Chilean national dance). Other interests include the participatory body; popular culture; men and pointe; and multi-media artistic practices. He has performed/danced for Aria Evans, Noémie Lafrance and Sashar Zarif.

These images are provided courtesy of Sebastián Oreamuno to accompany his participation in DCD Discover Dialogues #2, July 19, 2022.
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Sebastián Oreamuno DCD Discover Dialogues images
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PENA Benefit for the Chilean Resistance 8:00 p.m. Saturday, January 29 Ukrainan Hall, 805 E.Pender Latin American music,dancers food&refreshments Donation $3.00 Sponsored by: MIR Support Group, Chile Solidarity Committee Committee for the Defense of Human Rights inChile Venceremos needs your help! Production and mailing costs for Venceremos are extremely high. Although we have some financing for the production of Venceremos, it is not good enough. We feel the Venceremos is providing necessary information, analysis and reporting of the Chilean situalion to its Canadian readers. As a result, we feel that the newsletter must contine. However, that will be possible only with your support. We strong urge those of you who are able, to plase send a donation to Venceremos. PeePPA2PP6AAeeaePAAQAAA2269226pr Venceremos, P.0. Box 80593 South Burnaby, B.C.