Sebastián Oreamuno DCD Discover Dialogues images

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Sebastián Oreamuno DCD Discover Dialogues images

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Born in Santiago, Chile, Sebastián Oreamuno is a queer Toronto-based artist and academic currently pursuing his PhD in Dance Studies at York. His doctoral research explores the relationship between memory, place-making and cueca (the Chilean national dance). Other interests include the participatory body; popular culture; men and pointe; and multi-media artistic practices. He has performed/danced for Aria Evans, Noémie Lafrance and Sashar Zarif.

These images are provided courtesy of Sebastián Oreamuno to accompany his participation in DCD Discover Dialogues #2, July 19, 2022.
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Sebastián Oreamuno DCD Discover Dialogues images
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14 51Interest Behind the War Pinochet and his flock of criminal sidekicks wouldn't have begun this war effort if they hadn't been able to count of aid from other countries. The threat of war between Chile and historical rivalries, Peru isn't the product of old nor is it only the result of expansionist dreaming or whimsical eggression on the part of Chilean officials. There are other interests behind this war. The conflict between Chile and Peru is the clash between 2 groups of the Latin American bourgeoisie. In this present crisis stage when U.S. dominationin Latin America is weakening, they are seeking to redefine relations of dependence with Yankee power. The Attitude of the U.S. NOrth American government policy is one of provoking and abetting Chile's plans to attack Peru. The U.S., alarmed by tightening relations between Peru, Cuba, and the USSR (above all by Soviet military advice and arms) has gone through distinctive phases in their policies toward Peru. First, the U.S. delivered arms too Chile to counteract Peruvian military power, then it instigated reactionary uprisings and tried to overthrow Velasco Alvarado. Now, the U.S. is encouraging the Chilean Junta to attack Peru. Secretary of the U.S. Army, H. Callaway, paid a visit to Chile, in July 1974. This was seen as a supportivee gesture from the U.S. with respect to Pinochet's plans of aggression. It isn't a question of the U.S.A. fearing a socialist revolution in Peru, for the U. S. knows perfectly well that the Peruvian government is conposed of the nationalist bourgeoisie. What the U.S. fears is Russian influence its own backyard at a time when Yankee imperialismis losing its grip in Latin America. PROLETARIAT AGAINST THE WAR Before the world, we denounce the Chilean Dictatorship's plans to war against Peru. VWe, as revolutionaries and workers condemn a war between the working class of Chile and the working class of Peru. We will never submit ourselves to serving the interests of the Dictatorship and the bourgeoisie. The war against Peru will only intensify the resistance of the revolutionary movement. We will also fight to end the designs of foreign bourgeois groups, as today we struggle against the military dictatorship. We call upon all Peruvian and Chilean workers to direct arms against those governments which try t use us as cannon fodder. For the Proletarian Revolution!.. the only means of securing peace and solidarity between the peoples of Peru and Chile. COMISION POLITICA MOVIMIENTO DE 1ZQUIERDA REVOLUCIONARIA (MIR) Chile, June 1975 CHILEAN PENA Cormoran Rayen Aucan Irma Quimantu Chilean Dances Kitsileno. House 2305 WEST 7 th-. Testimony Chilean food -anticuchoos Drinks VENCEREMOS P.O. Box 48474 P.S. Bentall Centre VANCOUVER, B.C. FEB. 14 7:30 P.M