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Sebastián Oreaumuno - DCD Discover Dialogues images

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Born in Santiago, Chile, Sebastián Oreamuno is a queer Toronto-based artist and academic currently pursuing his PhD in Dance Studies at York. His doctoral research explores the relationship between memory, place-making and cueca (the Chilean national dance). Other interests include the participatory body; popular culture; men and pointe; and multi-media artistic practices. He has performed/danced for Aria Evans, Noémie Lafrance and Sashar Zarif.

These images are provided courtesy of Sebastián Oreamuno to accompany his participation in DCD Discover Dialogues #2, July 19, 2022.
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Sebastián Oreamuno DCD Discover Dialogues images
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Latin Report 19. (D L. b W 1IE to- bE pE WE i'E sor tha sta dir diff fro flag spu a tow mir of mus app to t g of to ith Cue The thethe ts 7 pm,September on my way to a group of 18,and I.m a presentation by Chilean artists,who want tO give us a surprise Up to now this has been an or- dinary day,except for the impromtu celebration of red wine and 'em- panadas'with my neighbor. It 's the 18 th,..but there are no nor kites posted along the streets is Our star.Nor can you hear the steps of a 'cueca'.I think of the trditional booths and of the parades that take place on this dayin any. city or town in our Chile, How far away this UN DIA DE all is, Nostalgia envelops me, memories I switch to be among Chi and from to a leans 18 th. yearning to feel more like it'sthe They told me, the taking place at Sacred eventWas. Hearf I go in with some has alre ady begun the announcements are being in English. Ac tually,it's the same to me.I want hear musica from my homeland and see a 'cueca being danced. Everything is quiet ,except for the scurrying of children which is to being hushed with shhh..children.shh I've broken away from the SEPTIEMBRE group just and The three on staE Jtsee bassesS goi cers hce 1y be I've be watch All thi myself. outdone p what is. -even A SEPTEMBER DAY by Juan Carlos Aguirre amd go up near the stage. At my aide,a man who seems to be a gringolistens with fixed attention to the explanations given by the director of the Chilean workers' cultural group.I m getting impatient I want the dancing to get started. Someone taps my shoylders from behind .It is a friend who whis- pers: "the comrade English eh'' I ans Wer knows.his with an affirm ative nod.While 1 m listening ,trying to understand something of the English,I notice that our bloodied flag with its star is nowhere to be seen.The director continues explaining the different kinds of folk dances from our Chile.Since there is no flag ,my eyes eyes travel to hid are sent rolling. The fight is and the poor Derween the nuasos.The. music rises ;the spurs tly .Kicks,yells,knives mix rich into caos.It all has the flavour of the'r am ada' from our Chile. While I watch this ,and feel every- thing that is happening ,I can't help but think that this too m ight be going on in some small southor northern town i n my erm a 'ramada' (a branch shelter)of my middle of mind travels to mustache and chin'.A burst of applause brings my attention back to the stage,and I see before me a groupP of actors - dancers in front of a to ram ad a'.Slowly I begin get excited,seeing those 3 groups with their partners dancing the cueca They raise their 'ponchos',and the "Salud ,vuelta compare" fills the air .I can't help but applaud just like my neighbor who laughs and whispers*"Very good'GOOD?'. Chi sthe wa ds nnoun- sh. Ac.I ant omelard ianced. for the ldren.shh 8roup Chair is tossed to the floor,and bottles town.I hear the castanet-like drunm- my ming of heels,and I see a glass of red wine pouring down between me, knife.Jumps,leaps,picks...a fareway homeland. Now the fight is over.The women spurs while switch the propletarian side to start fighting back.Again I congratulate the group and its director with my thoughts,they have managed to interpret all of us there in their acting. And now the fight begun!A shout is met with a poncho-wrappe arm,brandishing a The first leg is over,and another three couples-Tlch one 10okS areDegin now on stage.The challenging Itseems that there bOsses children,who,in are their the have m anaged to bre ak things and to into the quiet down the fighters.Gestures,exhausted looks are exchanged.Hands are pressed ,and invite reconciliation to the rythm of a 'cueca'. Huasos', rich and poor dance as symbols of peace and equality. And the audience is in an st anding ovation. The curtains close,and open -the gods are called back. I t was a m arvelous eveing, everyone comments.The lights are and we all want to congratu late the actors personally. Someone gives me a copy of*Laon tin Report'",and I leave with it under arm.I leave my thinking the fine things s o m e Chileans are doing in Edmonton -an eXof cellent soccer team,a theater &roup Iinery, , on are going to show the other dan - cers how our folklore should real- its way,a new bilingual paper being well received and this excellent folk dance group.l watch the actor/dancer's faces. pause my thought and remember the pre sentation.It was pertect. But a bitter thought occurs to myself.The se 'comapenros' have me,There is one element of unreality in the dance -bosses and ly be danced. I've become really involved,and I All this is excellent,I say to outdone themselves. The audience is and follows happy, enthusiastically what is happening in that 'ram ada' -even more they 're egging on with never be equal Wll even a though they might dance the same'cueca'after a September 18 th fight. no puedo evit ar el pensar de que tal vez esto mismo este su- cediendo realmente en algun pueblito nucha aten- el director rabaiaderes la primera otras tres del norte o patria. "pata" y entran en accion alejada Ya la pelea ha parejas, "palo grueso y empiezan "las caras largas y las del sur de mi terminado,las mu- jeres se metieron al medio y han ingrad peasants Will never be equal hushed with shhh...children, shh appy,and even entuslastrcalyTOoWS though they Snh what is happening dance I've broken away from children. in that the group 'ramada the same'cueca aftermight a -even more they 're September egging on 18 th fight on this dayin any. city or town in our Chile. How far away this being UN DIADE SEPTIEMBRE no puedo evitar el pensar de que tal vez esto mismo este su- cediendo realmente en algun pueblito del norte o del sur de mi por Juan Carlos Aguirre siete de la tarde de un 18 de septiembre y voy camino de un acto de. un grupo 'de chilenos que nos quiere dar una gringo Son las dia dia el cion de los Hasta el momento este ha sido un comun y Corriente a excepcion de unas empanadas y vino tinto que, con mi veCino ,impro- Alguien bailarines. un me golpea amigo que cu- chichea: "le pega al ingles el comcontesto con un ges- afirmativo.Mientras escucho tratando de entender algo de indivisan volantines,ni nuestra estregles,observo que por ninguna par lla,tampoco se oye el zapateo de te esta nuestra ensangrentada una cueca;pienso en nue stras bandera con su estrella. El director ramadas,en los desfiles que en sigue explicando los. diversos ticualquier ciudad o pueblo de nues- pos de bailes folkloricos nuestro Chile se, hacen en este dia; tro Chile,y como no hay de bandera que lejos está todo esO !Siento nossus contemplo ycon espuelas mi talgia,y del recuerdo salto al deseo viajo a alguna ""ramada" deellas de estar entre chilens para pueblo,siento el castanetear de unos sen tirme m as como en 18. tacos que se golpean y ve0 un Me dijeron que en el Sagrado vaso de vino volcandose entre peCorazón era la cosa... ra y aplaussos me traen Entro con otros amigos y el acto de bigote.Unos regres0 al escenario y tengo ya ha empezado,todo se anuncia ante a un grupo de actorees mi en da lo mismo en bailarines, simulando estar en una verdad,yo quiero.oir musica de mi"ram ada' see tierra y ver bailar cueca. empiezo a Todo un es por ninitos... un' a que apa- shhh...shhhhitttooo con al en aquella pensamientos do el ramada",y es al director y a to- grupo,han logrado interpretar todos los ahí presentes con su actuacion...y ya s e armó la a mocha"...un' "huascazo grita por in ado,las mu- nistas;gestos,mir tan encendidas todoS queremos felicitar personalmente a los ac- tores.Alguien me vendio ""Latin Report'"y salgo hacia la calle con el bajo el brazo:me voy pensando en el buen do algunos un equipo papel que estan hacienchilenos en Edmonton: de futbol de excelente prestigio, un grupo de teatro que cuchillo con un br azo viene en camio, un naciente perioemponchado le responde con una fi- dico bilingue de buena acogida gura por los aires;saltos,patadas... y este excelente grupo de danuna silla al suelo y las botellas zas folkloricas.Me detengo en esrodando.La cosa es entre "huasos to ultimo y recuerdo la presenricos y huasos pobres";l a musitacion:Todo estuvo perfecto...perro ahi y ver sus la cueca.Sus ponchos se por el aire y todo es salud alzan y vuelta separado del grupo y me seos ubico cerca del escenario,a mi igual 1ado un señor que parece Me he entusiasmarme tres"rotos choros term jeres se metieron logrado apaciguar un excepcion de pectivas patronasballando res- ca sube algo pa' golpear ninos es recido a silencio correteo de gado cede mas,esta avivando a los "rotitos Proletas para qee empiecen la mocha.Vuelvo a felicitar en mis "dieciochera,pocoa poco a alejada patria. Ya la pelea ha al medio y han y a los protagomiradas desafio. Al parecer son adas de cansancio los hijos de los patrones que Con que se cruzan. Manos que se apriesus elegantes tenidas y trajes lar- tan e invitan a la reconciliación gos les quieren dar una lecc1on al compas de una ""cueca que de como bailar nuestro folklore. huasos ricos y pobres bailan como Ya estoy metido en la obra y sinonimo de paz e igualdad. observo los rostros de cada uno Y todo el publico esta ahora de los actores aplaudiendo de pie,las cortinas bailarines... tod0 esta excelente" ,me digo para mis se cierran y se abren,los dioses adentrOs, s e pasaron estos comson reclam ados por el pueblo... pañeros".El püblico esta alegre F u e una velada maravillosa'", y sigue con éntusiasmo lo que sucomentan todoS ,las luces ya es- desde atras hombro ,es padre,ah!...le to no parejas, "palo grues empiezan "las caras largas y las de trabajadores sorpresa. primera "pata" y entran en accion otras tres ción la explicación del director del grupo cultural de chilenos.Me impaciento y solo de seo que empiece pronto la actua- visadamente festejamos. Es 18...por las calles la escucha con mucha aten- de que compadre"...sientö de y lo hago al mi vecino,quien rie y y unas espuelas an un pensamiento amargo que see cualquier côsa...estabusc el transforma en incomodidad llega caos,patadas, "huasc azosgritos y hasta mi...en la obra hayque algo cuchillazos se mezclan. aplaudir murmurayery good 8godTermina que no es reat.patrones y campe- En un todo con sabor a ramadas de nuestro sufrido veo y siento todo Chile,mientras lo que ocurre Sinos nunca seran iguales, aunque bailen la misma cueca despues de una pelea dieciochera,