The Crash - late '90s - changes/new directions/trauma - Shattered Space

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The Crash - late '90s - changes/new directions/trauma - Shattered Space

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A car crash in 1995 involving Karen Jamieson and composer Jeff Corness led to the postponement of work on Stone Soup and a change of direction towards a piece called Shattered Space.
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ENTERTAINMENT JAMIESON from F4 The Vancou .. Dramatic shards and splinters remind us that life is precious and fleeting In this way , every element glows red At times a crone hunched in her wid . shards and splinters , but this seems to Jamieson reminds us with great elo hot : the way Jamieson hangs back phys- ow's weeds , at others a squealing day- be Jamieson's intent . Even the score , by quence that even in the midst of our ically from much of the work ; the grue- time television host , an antic observer , a Peter Hurst , is rangy and deconstruct tragedies , life goes on . The strolling some references to eggs and the ease traffic cop , Brochu is an animating ed , encompassing everything from Gre- tourists and dragon - boat squads prac with which they are cracked ; the flick- spark . gorian plainsong to rhythm and blues . tising on False Creek and passing roller ering glimpses of the accident itself , Shattered Space is an uneasy package , As the curtains come down , opening bladers are not disconnected from us , viewed through a haze of shock and to be sure , constructed of so many tiny the theatre to the outside world , or we from them pain ; the dolorous postures of the Pieta that line the work ; the elegiac quality of so much of the proceedings . " Humpty Dumpty had a great fall , ” Marie Clements intones , in her central role . " Don't we all ? ” There is a Trickster figure , played by Sylvain Brochu , prowling the piece in improvised costumes made of the black curtains he pulls down from the ceiling . »