The Crash - late '90s - changes/new directions/trauma - Shattered Space

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The Crash - late '90s - changes/new directions/trauma - Shattered Space

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A car crash in 1995 involving Karen Jamieson and composer Jeff Corness led to the postponement of work on Stone Soup and a change of direction towards a piece called Shattered Space.
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Composer , choreographer hurt in head - on car crash A LOCAL COMPOSER suffered a se- making good progress regarding rious head injury in a car accident his head injury . But he had a very near Hazelton last week . serious one . ” Composer Jeff Corness was dri- Corness has been a resident ving back to Vancouver from composer with the dance compa Hazelton with well - known local ny for several years , and is known choreographer Karen Jamieson for his dance and theatre scores when their car hit an ice patch and locally , and in Amsterdam , Thai slid into an oncoming pick - up land and England . He's worked truck . Corness is in fair condition with local playwright Morris Pa at Vancouver Hospital's intensive nych , and at the Arts Club , the care unit . Jamieson suffered a Vancouver Playhouse and Kinesis cracked rib . Dance . " I've had telephone calls ( about Jamieson is artistic director of Corness ) from across the country , her company , which she founded and internationally , ” says manag in 1983. She is still too shaken to ing director Jay Rankin . “ People be interviewed , said Rankin . are also concerned about Karen Prior to the accident , Corness and how she's doing . It's a shock , and Jamieson had been working on a primarily ; people wanting to know a collaborative piece with Ghitskan how they can help native performers near Hazelton , Corness , who was on life sup- to open in the spring . The show , port for two days , also suffered a called Stone Soup , is on hold . broken knee , bladder and blood “ What we're going to do now is infections , and pneumonia , ac- assess Jeff's condition and then it's cording to Rankin . Doctors can't mostly up to Karen to decide how yet determine the extent of his to carry on . ” head injury , but say he's conscious In lieu of flowers , donations can and now able to form sentences be made toward Corness's rehabil and identify people . The road to itation by calling the dance compa recovery is expected to be a very ny at 872-5658 . Well - wishers are long one , adds Rankin . asked not to call the hospital . “ From what we can tell , he's -Kerry Gold SUNDAY , DECEMBER 24 , 1995 THE VANCOUVER COURIER 5