The Crash - late '90s - changes/new directions/trauma - Shattered Space

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The Crash - late '90s - changes/new directions/trauma - Shattered Space

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A car crash in 1995 involving Karen Jamieson and composer Jeff Corness led to the postponement of work on Stone Soup and a change of direction towards a piece called Shattered Space.
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02 CALENDAR The Vancouver Sun , Thursday , January 4 , 1996 Corness ' condition improving ; Jamieson in seclusion Accident puts dance company on hold MICHAEL SCOTT “ The simple way that it was ex- on things , on decisions we'll have to Sun Dance Critic 0 plained to me is that every time the make about the ( Karen Jamieson brain sends a signal , that string of infor- Dance Company ] . ” Three weeks after a car accident near mation travels along a fibre . Jeff has Jamieson and Corness are Vancou Hazelton , B.C. , the future of one of broken some of those fibres and they'll ver most celebrated dance collabora Canada's best - known theatre com- never be repaired . The challenge is go- tors , their creative partnership stretch posers hangs by a thread in a Vancou- ing to be learning to use alternative ing back almost a decade . They were in ver hospital . pathways . " the north gathering material for a new Jeff Corness suffered serious head in- Corness ' condition has been further piece , Stone Soup , which was to have juries in the accident and spent two complicated by a case of pneumonia toured the province in the spring . days on life - support in a medically in- and a blood infection . In the past few Those plans are now on hold pending duced coma . He remains in serious days he also underwent surgery to re- Jamieson's decisions . condition . pair a badly damaged tibia and to reset “ The accident leaves the company in “ There's no spinal damage ; he can a broken jaw . Rankin said that the con- limbo , there's no doubt of that , ” said move his hands and legs , ” colleague Jay tinuing discomfort of those injuries is Rankin , the company's manager . “ We're Rankin said Wednesday . “ Over the last adding to the composer's distress . going to carry on , but clearly Jeff won't three weeks Jeff has made improve- Karen Jamieson , Corness ' long - time be a part of that . Now that we have a ments . But at the moment all we can choreographic collaborator , was dri- sense of how he is doing , Karen may be say is that he stands a chance of mak- ving a rental car at the time of the acci- better able to focus on other things . ing a full recovery - with a lot of time T dent . She was uninjured and remains in " Jeff's loss is far , far reaching for us . ” and a lot of therapy . seclusion , under a counsellor's care . A special fund to offset Corness ' reha Corness , 34 , is able to recognize fami- “ She's obviously distraught , ” Rankin bilitation costs has been established at ly members and to form sentences , and said . “ She feels a great deal of guilt , al- the Bank of Nova Scotia . Contributions understands that he is in hospital , though the accident was in no way her can be made through any branch , in Rankin said . fault . Now she's starting to get a handle care of the Jeff Corness Recovery Fund . Sun files COMPOSER Jeff Corness ( right ) and choreographer Karen Jamieson in 1992