The Crash - late '90s - changes/new directions/trauma - Shattered Space

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The Crash - late '90s - changes/new directions/trauma - Shattered Space

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A car crash in 1995 involving Karen Jamieson and composer Jeff Corness led to the postponement of work on Stone Soup and a change of direction towards a piece called Shattered Space.
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MEDIA RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JANUARY 18 , 1996 THE KAREN JAMIESON DANCE COMPANY IS BACK AT WORK A serious car accident last December involving Karen Jamieson and composer Jeff Corness was a profound shock to the company , but it also served to make us think very hard about what we do . And that is to create and perform . We have decided to postpone the large Native collaboration STONE SOUP , which Karen and Jeff were working on at the time of their accident in Hazelton , until April 1997. It is our hope that Jeff will be able participate in the project by that time . Hats off to all our major funders , as well as the bookers of an 18 date northern BC tour for their understanding and efforts to allow us to keep STONE SOUP on the back burner for a little while . But we're creating and performing , and will be part of two exciting Vancouver performance events in February : The Kiss Project and Vancouver New Music . And we're launching our own series of Vancouver shows at Performance Works in May : THIS WAY - THIS TIME - THIS YEAR . THIS WAY - THIS TIME - THIS YEAR is our reponse to the crisis : presenting an evening of dance in a way which was unanticipated and is now charged with drive , curiosity and commitment . The evening will present several pieces created this year , including a brand new group work investigating the aftermath , several short works commissioned this Fall by Trey Deeley Motorcycles , British Columbia's premiere Harley - Davidson dealership , and Mask , which was last shown at the Vancouver Film Festival . Performance Works will be transformed into a multi - levelled dreamscape for dance . Please join us as we investigate what it's like to go on : this way , this time , this year . - THIS WAY - THIS TIME - THIS YEAR at Performance Works on Granville Island May 29 - June 1 , 1996 3 Contact : Mia Kivari , Administrative Assistant tel : ( 604 ) 872-5658 fax : ( 604 ) 872-7932