Stone Soup/The River - 1990s - asking permission - the body to land

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Stone Soup/The River - 1990s - asking permission - the body to land

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These works explore reconciliation and the role that dance in creating bridges between cultures. Central to the task of reconciliation is an inquiry into our relationship to the land where we live, work, play and believe we own.

At the time of their creation, the dominant conventions of a dance practice required that dance was primarily created in the studio with professional dancers and performed on stages. These works defied those conventions and transgressed those boundaries.
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FOOD FOR THOUGHT The Daily News , Prince Rupert , B.C. Dancer Donald Morin , portraying the wily outsider who tricks a village into making a feast , makes a wild romp through the crowd toward the conclusion of Stone Soup , a modern dance work by the Karen Jamieson Dance Company . The show also incorporates local First Nations groups . Nisga'a dancers performed after the school show Thursday morning while the Haida group danced for the afternoon school show . The Gitxsan danced in this morning's school performance , and the Tsimshian will dance this evening for the public performance . ( Coplitts photo )