Stone Soup/The River - 1990s - asking permission - the body to land

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Stone Soup/The River - 1990s - asking permission - the body to land

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These works explore reconciliation and the role that dance in creating bridges between cultures. Central to the task of reconciliation is an inquiry into our relationship to the land where we live, work, play and believe we own.

At the time of their creation, the dominant conventions of a dance practice required that dance was primarily created in the studio with professional dancers and performed on stages. These works defied those conventions and transgressed those boundaries.
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BCTC NEWS DEC . 1996 Stone Soup Tour The Karen Jamieson Dance Company T TO he Karen Jamieson Dance Com- To set up the tour , KJDC Managing with the particular piece of land on pany is now taking final steps to Director Jay Rankin toured the region which the performance takes place . prepare for its STONE SOUP tour several times accompanied by Karen The KJDC represents the visitors , and to Northwestern BC . This dance , music , on two occasions , watching dance , re- traditional native dance groups from and ceremonial event will travel from introducing the company to old friends each community which will be our Smithers to Haida Gwaii from the be- in the region ( such as Cathy Spanevello hosts . ginning of April until the first week of in Kitimat ) , and establishing May 1997. The tour will take us to partnerships with aboriginal Smithers , Hazelton , Kispiox , dance groups , band councils , Kitsumkalum ( Terrace ) , Gitwinksihlkw tribal councils , friendship cen ( Canyon City ) , Laxgalt'ap ( Greenville ) , tres , multicultural groups , social Kitimat , Kitamaat Village , Kemano , services workers , independent Prince Rupert , Queen Charlotte City , school principals and school dis Skidegate , Old and New Masset . trict supporters ( such as Dawn The cast of 8 dancers and 1 musician Quast in Prince Rupert ) . The will present 10 community shows and goal was to identify dance 16 school performances , but what sets groups who wanted to partici this tour apart are the unusual venues pate in STONE SOUP , select Jay Rankin with son Jonah at Kispiox Village Office we are playing in the partners who are venues ( theatres are generally facilitating the shows , and the positive not suitable because food will be The general public will be welcome way the corporate sector is responding served ) , and look for interested coali- at all our shows , and we expect a strong to what is being recognized as a signifi- tions of First Nations and non - Native turnout from both Native and Non - Na cant community art project . people who would be willing to facili- tive communities . We are also looking Briefly , STONE SOUP is an evening tate the show . On another front , Jay forward to the variety this show will of ceremony , food , and entertainment followed up on sponsorship requests present , some highly theatrical per featuring the dance of the KJDC and initiated from Vancouver . formances which we have been told by the traditional Native dance from each The tour will also be supported by a local dancer groups will be developed of the communities we will visit . Our traditional ceremony of welcome par- for this event , and some really delicious dance partners are from the Haida , ticular to each area according to local village stew . Haisla , Tsimshian , Nisga'a , Gitxsan , custom . To this end we contacted and The tour has been generously sup and Wetsuet'en nations . The music for confirmed the participation of heredi- ported by all levels of government , and the KJDC is composed by Peter Hurst tary chiefs . In a symbolic way , the show from the corporate sector who followed and Simon Kendall ( who spent many portrays the interaction of travellers on the lead of Alcan and BC Hydro . The years on the road as keyboard player a journey from afar with those people KJDC has plans to continue to tour BC for Doug and the Slugs ) . who have a continuing relationship building upon this innovative format . On the Lava Bed near Gitwinksihlkw ( Nass Valley )