Stone Soup/The River - 1990s - asking permission - the body to land

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Stone Soup/The River - 1990s - asking permission - the body to land

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These works explore reconciliation and the role that dance in creating bridges between cultures. Central to the task of reconciliation is an inquiry into our relationship to the land where we live, work, play and believe we own.

At the time of their creation, the dominant conventions of a dance practice required that dance was primarily created in the studio with professional dancers and performed on stages. These works defied those conventions and transgressed those boundaries.
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* * * * * For Immediate Release ***** The Karen Jamieson Dance Company Brings an Innovative Approach to Traditions of Dance on the Northwest Coast - Vancouver ( March 21 , 1997 ) - On March 31 , 1997 , the Karen Jamieson Dance Company embarks on a tour that will see 29 shows in 7 native communities in the Northwest of British Columbia . For 5 weeks , beginning April 2 , 1997 , the show will be presented in the territories of the Wet’suet’en , Haisla , Gitxsan , Tsimshian , Nisg’a , and Haida nations . The company will return to Vancouver to present shows co - hosted by the Musqueam , Squamish and Burrard Nations on the 7,8,9 , of May with a Gala closing night on May 10th . The Vancouver performances will take place at the Roundhouse Community Arts Centre . a Each show , based on the European legend of Stone Soup , features a cultural sharing of stories - a modern dance interpretation of a European fable by Karen Jamieson and the traditional dance and music of local Aboriginal performers . The tour was created in a spirit of respect for First Nations people , their traditions and the long - standing relationship of each local native group with the land on which the performance takes place . “ As we journey through the territories of different First Nations people we will ask the people who have an ancestral relationship to the land in that territory for permission to enter and dance . We will be welcomed with a ceremony that is traditional to that place . “ explained Karen Jamieson . In our changing times , it is critical to engage in activities that begin to build bridges of understanding between people . Dance and music provide an excellent avenue for building these bridges . Dance and music are expressions of the collective soul of First Nations people and clearly communicate the relationship we have amongst ourselves and the land . Stone Soup will bring together 2 cultures sharing aspects of their story in a respectful way . ” - Debbie Jeffrey - Tsimshian , First Nations Education Coordinator in Prince Rupert . - Performed by 7 dancers and set to original music , Stone Soup recounts the story of a traveller who comes to town at a time of scarcity and hunger . He tricks the villagers into contributing some food to his pot . In the end everyone has a reason to celebrate and give thanks . In keeping with the theme of the story each show will involve the preparation of food for the audience . Stone Soup can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds . As Karen stated , the function of dance “ has been to heal ... somehow it crosses the space between people - that's what's exciting . Communication . That's what it's about . ” Stone Soup is an opportunity for families to gather for an evening of dance , music , storytelling , ceremony and good food ! For more information contact : Angele Cormier Karen Jamieson Dance Company Tel ( 604 ) 872-5658 , Fax (604)872-7932