Coming Out of Chaos and the birth of KJD, 1980s

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Coming Out of Chaos and the birth of KJD, 1980s

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Coming Out of Chaos was a collaborative, explorative, turbulent choreographic work by Karen Jamieson that explored themes of life in the 20th century. The experience of creating Coming Out of Chaos led the group of artists to disperse and pursue their own creative projects, with Karen Jamieson forming her own company, Karen Jamieson Dance, the following year.
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C6 **** THE PROVINCE , Sunday , March 27 , 1983 Entertainment Dance group offers bold debut By MAX WYMAN - her willingness to explore new Peterson , in each of which she seems Choreographer Karen Rimmer talks possibilities in expressive movement to be able to strike to the music's about trying to communicate some- imagery -- she leads the way . inner dynamic core and make it vis thing elemental about human experi- What Rimmer currently seems to ible . ence in the works she makes . be attempting is the creation of a But where the greatest promise lies In her work since 1975 with Termi- reduced - to - essences movement lan- is in two flawed but vastly exciting nal City Dance Research , and in her guage – it might include voice or new works , Fracture and Rock & Roll , 1982 creation , Coming Out of Chaos , mask or electronic sound -- in an at- in which she seems to hurl her entire we have watched her inspired strug , tempt to find an elemental style for furious being at the task of creating gles to put those elemental human these elemental realities she wants to moving group images that resonate realities before us on the stage . speak about . with mystery and thrill with unleash The debut performances this week- Her range of creativity is broad , ed emotional energy . end of her new troupe , Karen Rimmer though by no means scattershot . The and Company , offered at once a central thrust endures , even Currently , her gripping and moving per summing - up of what has gone before haps particularly — in Red Madonna , which has had time to mature and be solo from Coming Out of Chaos and a bold forward step in her artistic a work of intensely focused abstrac development tion of religious and maternal ecsta refined - still does that best . But In one sense her concern with sy . Karen Rimmer , it is clear , has much the formalities of dancing , its skills Her innate musicality gives a sweet more to bring us . and structures she is far from the strength and confidence to two new The program is repeated tonight at experimentalist vanguard . In another duets , one to Bach and one to Oscar 8 at the Firehall Theatre . - -