New York, 1970s

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New York, 1970s

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The early 1970’s was an extraordinary and inspirational time to be in New York City. The city was exploding with new ideas, postmodern thought and experimentation in dance. At the same time the pioneers in modern dance and classical ballet were still teaching and creating. It was possible to go and see work new by George Balanchine, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Yvonne Rainer and Twyla Tharp as well as the beginnings of contact improvisation with Steve Paxton and of countless emerging choreographers. Karen Jamieson studied at the schools of Alwin Nikolais, Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham, Alfredo Corvino, and Maggie Black, and toured with the Alwin Nikolais Dance Theatre during this time, as well as studying and performing with Phyllus Lamhut.
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Friday , January 28 , 1972 MROOKLYIT ACADEMY OF MUSIC MURRAY LOUTS DANCE CONPANY NITOLAIS DANCE THEATRE SOPIILOONY ( 1967 ) Nikolais Pirst Duet Karen Rimer and Bill Groves Quartet Anne Ditson , Richard Anon , non tsposito and Gladys Roman Second Duet - Suzanne Tenermaid and Cerald Olte Solo Lynn Levine SCENARIO ( 1971 ) Mikolais Performed by : THR NIKOLAIS COMPANY POREPLAY ( 1972 ) Nikolais World Premiere Perforned by THE NIKOLAIS COMPANY 19223,05078_but Wikber - Program G