SFU, 1969

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SFU, 1969

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Karen Jamieson's dance journey, along with many others Vancouver-based artists, began at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia in the late sixties/early seventies when non-credit dance workshops were being offered to students, regardless of their major or faculty of study. Attendance of one such workshop with Iris Garland rerouted Jamieson's life, causing her to pursue dance wholeheartedly and leave her teaching degree behind.
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Inis Garland Karen Rimmer Resident Artists DANCE IRIS GARLAND As Dance Program Co - ordinator Iris Garland ( also Assistant Professor of Kinesiology ) is responsible for formulating a dance program of non - credit workshops offered by the Arts Centre . The workshops accept beginning students and those up to a reasonably advanced level . Garland's approach " Having started dancing there is a strong tendency to want to extend your powers to be able to leap higher to balance longer , to stretch further to achieve your aims . Before you know it , you're sweating and loving every minute of it . Most recently she restaged her original work " No Exit for the Burnaby Mountain Dance Company , who performed it on a tour through the Okanagan and Vancouver Island last summer . She is currently on the Board of Directors of Dance in Canada and con tinues to work with the Burnaby Mountain Dance Company DANCE KAREN RIMMER ( Dance Resident ) Karen Rimmer is a former member of the Alwin Nikolais Dance Theatre and has performed with the Phyllis Lamhut Dance Company Before her training in New York City ( where she performed several of her own works ) , she was a member of the SFU Dance Workshop for two years Last fall she performed in a concert at SFU with Savan nah Walling and several of her workshop students . As Dance Resident she instructs elementary , intermediate and advanced dance workshops . This semester the emphasis will be on student par ticipation in choreography and performance . "