Norbert Vesak Portfolio

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Norbert Vesak Portfolio

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Various photocopies of news clippings, including:

- VESAK25: Copy of newspaper clipping about The Playhouse Theatre Company's "Land Before Time." "Dramatic Peas and Beans Don't Belong in the Same Playhouse Theatre Pod" by Christopher Dafoe.

- VESAK27: Copy of newspaper clipping about Playhouse Stage 2's "Land Before Time," Arts Club Theatre, February 20, 1969.

- VESAK38: Copy of newspaper clipping about George Ryga's "The Ecstasy of Rita Joe." "Third Act for Rita Joe." June 21, 1969.

- VESAK44: Copy of program for The Playhouse Theatre Company's "The Royal Hunt of the Sun," 1969/1970.

- VESAK87: Copy of newspaper clipping about Norbert Vesak moving to California. "Canadian Offers 'Too Late'," by Glennis Zilm, August 19, 19[?].

- VESAK145a-b: Copy of program for Paul St. Pierre's "Skokiam."
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CANADIAN OFFERS * 486 % * 211 TE By GLENNIS ZILM BANFF , Alta . ( CP ) Canadian - born Choreographer Norbert Vesak decided to move to California to further his IU Career just a couple of months before his original dance creation The Ecstacy of Rita Joe , won him international fame and critical acclaim . " It's ironic , " he said during an inter " View at the Banff Festival of the Arts this week . " Now I'm turning down all sorts of Canadian offers I would have enjoyed . ' Although he has written a number of ballets it was his Rita Joe , based on a play by Vancouver author George Ryga and danced by the Royal Winnipeg Bal let , that fired up sold - out audiences at Ottawa's Festival Canada earlier this year . Now the production has been signed to tour in the United States and Australia . Vesak , a dancer , designer and dance teacher as well as choreographer this . summer , taught at the Banff School of Fine Arts and two of his dance creations are to be performed at the Banff festi val tonight and Friday . Teaching at the summer school gives a choreographer a chance to be experi mental and creative , Vesak said . When he is working with a professional com pany , there is no time for experiment , for trial and error . He said the opportunity for the statt . to be creative and innovative is one thing that attracts them to the Banff school , " I'll be coming back next year . For the students , all of whom are per forming in the festival , with the top faculty dancing only in a few guest starring solo roles , the attraction is to work with the world's top dancers . So Banff attracts top student dancers from New York , Toronto , Montreal and Win nipeg