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Carlu Carter 5a 042 2008-0-1.jpg
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Carlu Carter - Clippings

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of pc V : Tour Applause Still Ringing In Ballet Ears u 99 With the applause of eastern and western audiences ringing in their ears , and flourishing a new b name , the Royal Winnipeg Ballet company arrived " home " Sunday . The first six weeks of a cross country tour completed , the com T pany will give its home town per formances Feb. 24 and 25 when M Paddy Stone will be guest star , VERY EXCITED “ We're all very excited and thrilled about our new name , ' Mrs. Betty Farrally , ballet mis tress said . " I think the Royal Danish Ballet company is the only other royal company in the world . " The tour , which will end in mid March with the company's first U.S. performance in Duluth has been eventful . Mrs. Farrally reports " wonder ful houses , " and the company is boasting " sell - outs " in the three eastern cities it's played Mon treal , Ottawa and Quebec . In Quebec , the company had an additional thrill when they met Anne Baxter and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hitchcock , who were there for the premiere of Mr. Hitchcock's movie , I Confess . Miss Baxter , the ballet mistress said , " rayed " about the ballet's performance , and gave her flowers 7 to Carlu Carter . The Hitchcocks too , " enjoyed the show . " FLU BUG Like thousands of other Cana dians , the Winnipeg dancers fought a losing battle with the flu bug . Only one dancer , Jean Stoneham , missed performances , though . She remained in Montreal for a time , later rejoining the company in Ottawa , Following its Winnipeg per formance , the company will re turn east to Hamilton and Tor onto , and Duluth ,