Amy Hull - June 29 presentation

Added 28th Jun 2021 by Amy Bowring / Last update 28th Jun 2021

DANC 5345 Final Presentation Amy Hull .pdf
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Amy Hull - June 29 presentation

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Amy Hull – June 29 Presentation
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Choreographing Our Deaths Then and Now: Indigenous Representation from 1936 to 2014 Mi’kmaw and Inuk BFA Honours Dance 2020 MA Dance anticipated 2021 ● Research Interests ● Boris Volkoff ● Royal Winnipeg Ballet Theatricalization of Indigenous death ● Critical Race Studies 4 Canadian Ballets that Feature an Indigenous Death Boris Volkoff / The Volkoff Canadian Ballet The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Mon-Ka-Ta (1936) The Ecstasy of Rita Joe (1971) Red Ear of Corn (1948/9) Going Home Star (2014) 3 Mon-Ka-Ta Photo provided by Dance Collection Danse 4 Red Ear of Corn Screenshot from stival_en/?ctlgsrc=mr 5 The Ecstasy of Rita Joe e-ecstasy-of-rita-joe/ 6 Going Home Star 7 Dresden 2018 London 2019