By Invitation Only: Dance, Confederation and Reconciliation exhibit

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By Invitation Only: Dance, Confederation and Reconciliation exhibit

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By Invitation Only: Dance, Confederation and Reconciliation exhibit photos
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The Modern Dance Tutor; or, Society Dancing by Professor J.F. Davis, published by Hawkins & Co.,1878
Dance Collection Danse, Library Collection

Reproduction and enlargement of pages 20 and 21 from The Modern Dance Tutor; or, Society Dancing by Professor J.F. Davis, 1878
Dance Collection Danse, Library Collection

According to the book The Victorian Era Ball (1898), this dance was part of section of the evening titled “Inventions”. The book states: “This dance represented tele-phones and air-motors. The modern air-motor contrasted with the old Dutch windmill. This was illustrated by the ladies’ costumes, as well as by the figures of the dance. The gentlemen were dressed to represent telephones.”

Born in Oakville, Ontario in 1835, John Freeman Davis was a musician, composer, dance teacher and music store owner. He believed people from all social classes should learn to dance and claimed to have taught over 30,000 students. His compositions for ballroom dances include Great Pacific Lancers to celebrate the addition of British Columbia to Canada, Call to Arms Polka inspired by the Northwest Rebellion, and The New Premier celebrating the election of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. At age 65, he won the Grand Prize Diploma for dancing at the 1900 Paris Universal Exhibition.
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By Invitation Only: Dance, Confederation and Reconciliation exhibit
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20 MODERN DANCE TUTOR ; OR , SOCIETY DAXCINO , 21 on . Anxiety to accominodate and make all bappy is a dis tinguishable mark of a lady or gentleman . If you have in any manuer given offence , do not hesi . tate to apologize . It is the gentleman's part to lead the lnly , and hers to follow his directions . On no account should a lady be seen parading a ball . moom alone , nor ghould she enter it nnaccompanied . od suus A gentleman on accidentally touching you , or passing before you , will ask pardon for the inconvenience he causes . Avoid changing from one set to another ; it may serve your purpose for the time being , but will not add to your character for politeness . * 2 Vever forget that ladies are to be first cared for , and are entitled in all cases to your comteous protection . 30 do Contendling for a position in quadrilles indicates an irritable and quarrelsome disposition . Do not cross a room in an anxious manner , or force your way to a lady , to merely receive a bow , as by so do ing you attract the attention of the company to her . If you are desirous of being noticed by any particular person put yourself in their way , as if by accident . Bisan IT 200 og When passing through a quadrille , let your arms hang easily , and avoid any display of agility or knowledga of steps . ant 37 When meeting friends in public , you salute them the first time , and not every time of passing . Loud conversation , profanity , stamping the feet , writ . ing on the wall , smoking tobacco , spitting or throwing anything on the floor , are glaring volgarities . In ascending a staircase with ladies , go at their side or before them . Sets should be formed with as little confusion as pos xible - ruuning to obtain a position should be carefully avoided . The most obvious mark of good breeding and good taste is a regard for the feelings of our companions . atrodo Burano 175 modda odno While conversing with your partner let it be done in an undertone , avoiding all affectation , frowning , quizzing , or the slightest indication of ill - temper . The lalies ' dressing - room is a sacred precinct , into which no gentleman should presume to look ; to enter it would be an ontrage not to be overlooked or forgiven . While dancing a laily should consider herself engaged to her partner , and therefore not at libertate tation Any provocation to anger should not be resented in the presence of ladies cas not form an engagement during a dance , of while a is engaged to another . THE MODERN DANCE TUTOR ; DANCI SOCIETY DANCING . TEL . ( SZR . TWD . PROF J. F. DAVIS , TXACHER OF DANCING AND EXPORTNENT , Private Academy , SO IT Wten dreune , Toronto , Ont . , Canada . CONTAINING Descriptions of all the Latest Fashionable and Popular Dazces viz : - Step Rockaway , ” * 3 Step Rock Step Rockaway , " " Ghde " Waltz , and ** Triune Glide ; also , Grand Square in the Laneers , TORONTO as & De CHROMATIO STRAM PRINTERS 1878