THF404 Ryerson Inquiry Project

Added 16th May 2021 by Janeyce Guerrier / Last update 18th May 2021

Janeyce Creation (film) 2.mp4
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THF404 Ryerson Inquiry Project

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Creator: Janeyce Guerrier.
This short film illustrates the creative processes that were most famous to Pina Bausch. Through visual interpretation, I sought to explore her ubiquitous philosophical influences which piqued my curiosity. The search for depth in raw emotion along with the qualities of humans and nature equally reflect the fascinating complexity of her work. Having said that, this film is composed of an amalgamation of video clips that give life to her interpretive approach.

Below is a link which will direct you to a virtual exhibit of the full presentation (link must be copied and pasted into browser). Enjoy!
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