THF404 Ryerson Inquiry Project

Added 14th May 2021 by Meagan Polegato / Last update 18th May 2021

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THF404 Ryerson Inquiry Project

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Created by: Meagan Polegato.
I created this painting inspired by the movement and the overall emotions I felt from watching Doris Humphrey’s, Water Study, choreographed in 1928. I wanted the painting to give the illusion of being a wave with the white sides against the white background. Because the canvas is 3D, I thought paint going over the top would bring this wave idea to life, by creating the shape of a curling wave. When creating the painting, I was inspired by the follow-ups and individual movement from each dancer. Each brush stroke is there to represent the canons and ripples throughout the piece, just like the the different embodiments of water movement.
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