THF404 Ryerson Inquiry Project

Added 14th May 2021 by Scout Radomski / Last update 18th May 2021

Hip Hop Party Dance Scout 2 copy.mp4
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THF404 Ryerson Inquiry Project

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This video is created by Scout Radomski. The creative process involved new research as well as utilizing information previously learned from mentors she had growing up. Scout has always found the history of Hip-Hop quite intriguing and was happy to be able to utilize that in the creation of a fun, upbeat and informative tutorial video. There are many key elements, influential people and styles that have created Hip-Hop's history. This "mock tutorial" focuses on the history and evolution of social party dances. Viewers will go back in time to learn about some of the most influential Hip-Hop party dances in their eras and the inspiration behind them. The goal of this creation is to inspire others to want to get up and dance, and learn more about Hip-Hop's intriguing history. Enjoy!
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