Canada Dance Festival 2014

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Canada Dance Festival 2014

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Tilting-Resettlement a multi disciplinary dance which traces the travels of those who have been relocated, physically and metaphorically. Stories of perseverance, strength and tenacity in times of difficult transitions.

Selected for The Canada Dance Festival 2014. Program shared with Le Su-Feh’s Everything
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Caroline Niklas Gordon
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CANADAFESTIVAL DANCE DANSE FESTIVALCANADA Tilting - Resettlement / Everything ( Double Bill | Programme double ) Choreographers Chorégraphes : Caroline Niklas - Gordon & Lee Su - Feh battery opera JUNE 14 JUIN 5:00 PM | 17 H ARTS COURT THEATRE THÉÂTRE ARTS COURT NATIONAL ARTS CENTRE CENTRE NATIONAL DES ARTS Canada is our stage . Le Canada en scene .