Dance in Canada Magazine Number 45 Fall 1985

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Dance in Canada Magazine Number 45 Fall 1985

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One copy of Dance in Canada Magazine Number 45 Fall 1985

Contains the following articles:
- Sparkle and Energy at the National Ballet
- Gina Lori Riley
- Le Regroupement se prend en main
- Ottawa in SUmmer
- In Review: Audio
- In Review: Books
- n.b. What's New and What's Happening...People, Performances and Exhibits
- Dance at a glance/Classified
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Dance in Canada Magazine
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Royal Winnipeg Ballet Dancemakers Le Groupe de la Place Royale Toronto Dance Theatre Canadian Dance Teachers Association Fernand Nault Les Grands Ballets Canadiens National Ballet of Canada The Anna Wyman Dance Theatre Maria Formolo Anna Blewchamp Jean A. Chalmers Award in Choreography Robert Desrosiers Anne-Marie Gaston Keith Urban Jennifer Mascall Judith Miller University of Waterloo Sabina Allemann Kim Lightheart Lorraine Blouin Martine Lamy Pat Kaiser Paula Citron Hillary McLaughlin Marici Dillon Rosemary Jeanes Antze Biography Dance! An Ottawa Summer Festival Anjali Indian classical dance Marlin Clapson Katherine Belrose Theatre Ballet of Canada Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal National Tap Dance Company of Canada Ukrainian Shumka Dancers Jean E. Piggott Gordon Pearson Nutcraker Pina Bausch Wuppertal Dance Theatre Peter Roberts Canada Council Jean Deveson Kay Armstrong Evelyn Edgett Chan Hon Goh Goh Ballet Academy Goh Ballet Company Santa Aloi Barbara Bourget Repertory Dance Company of Canada Mountian Dance Theatre Mauryne Allan Dance Theatre EDAM Ballet North The Alberta Ballet Company Sir Frederick Haultain Prize Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund Sun-Ergos Formolo & Urban Dance Association Regina Dance Works Marie Chouinard Bill Evans Lily munro Ontario Arts COuncil Ermanno Florio Quinte Dance Centre Paula Ravitz T.I.D.E. Toronto Independent Dance Enterprise Kenny Pearl School of Dance Northern Lights Dance Theatre Danny Grossman Dance Company Susan Cash Peggy McCann Lucie Boissinot Canada Council Jacqueline Lemieux Prize Dansechange Inc. Les Sortilleges Nova Dance Theatre
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