Dance in Canada Magazine Number 29 Fall 1981

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Dance in Canada Magazine Number 29 Fall 1981

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One copy of Dance in Canada Magazine Number 29 Fall 1981

Contains the following articles:
- A New Maturity: Kevin Pugh after Moscow
- Canadians Triumph in Moscow: Politics and Art of Ballet Competition
- New Myths Die Harder: The School of Toronto Dance Theatre
- Public Image and Private Reality: Homosexuality and the Male Dancer
- Photo-Gallery: Jerry Davidson
- In Review
- Book Beat
- Noticeboard
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Dance in Canada Magazine
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modern dance Toronto Royal Winnipeg Ballet Alwin Nikolais Terminal City Dance the national ballet of canada David Earle Peter Randazzo Anna Wyman Dance Theatre Dancemakers Le Groupe de la Place Royale Toronto Dance Theatre Brian Macdonald Max Wyman Les Grands Ballets Canadiens The Anna Wyman Dance Theatre Patricia Beatty Rachel Browne Pacific Ballet Theatre Helen Jones VIncent Warren National Ballet School Anna Blewchamp Elaine Bowman Judith Marcuse Penelope Doob The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Grant Strate Kenneth MacMillan Paul Taylor Wayne Eagling Romeo and Juliet The Royal Ballet Alexander Grant Susan Macpherson Sylvie Kinal-Chevalier CBC Carol Anderson Graham Jackson Kathryn Brown Jean A. Chalmers Award in Choreography DOnald Himes Karen Rimmer School of the Toronto Dance Theatre Holly Small Mikhail Baryshnikov Martha Graham Leland Windreich Anthony Dowell Claudia Moore Curious Schools of Theatrical Dancing: Part I Higher National Spirit Patricia Miner Contemporary Dancers Margie Gillis George Balanchine Evelyn Hart Jennifer Mascall Doris Humphrey Michael Smuin Nancy Ferguson National Arts Centre Lucinda Childs O'Keefe Centre Johanna Householder University of Waterloo Roberta Mohler Hart House Theatre The Light Brigade Alberta Ballet Company Martine Lamy Pat Kaiser Paula Citron Canada Council Toronto Independent Dance Enterprise Danny Grossman Dance Company Peggy Smith Baker Moscow The Danny Grossman Dance Company Margot Fonteyn Peter Schaufuss Hilary McLaughlin Dance in Canada Eliot feld Michael Montanaro Danny Grossman Interview Jerome Robbins David Peregrine Les Ballets Jazz Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers Uriel Luft Alina Gildiner Kathleen Smith Janet Aronoff Tedd Robinson Kevin Pugh Moscow ballet competition Napoli Betty Oliphant Fourth International Ballet Competition Owen Montague the National Ballet School Serge Lavoie Madame Galovkina Moscow Academy Toronto Dance Theatre Kenneth Tynan Christel Wallin Peggy Smith Jean-Louis Morin Frank Augustyn Anthony Dowell Homosexuality Homoeroticism Jerry Davidson Suzanne Oulette Pierre Lapointe Dance photography photography film photography Danse au Canada Collogue Linda Rabin, Montage Dance Theatre Paul-Andre Fortier Jean A. Chalmers Gaetan Patenaude CAPDO Dance Spectacular NABET strike Anna Wyman Dance Company Dance ls This . .. and This ... CAPDO's Dance Spectacular James Kudelka Gerry Eldred National Film Board NAC Young People's Theatre Centre Bella Nobody's Business Endangered Species Ryerson Courtyard Suzette Sherman Sara Pettitt Phyllis Whyte Skyling Phyllis Whyte In the Fullness of Time Grace Miyagawa Charles Flanders Karen Duplisea In Retrospect The Women Miyagawa, Sherry Lanier Frost Watch Shadows of Formal Selves Pauline McGibbon Pauline McGibbon Cultural Centre Clichettes Jo Leslie In the Shadow of my Sister Terminal City Dance of Vancouver Carol Anderson Patricia Fraser Lumen Forest Susan McKenzie Pat Fraser Patricia Fraser Grant McDaniel Royal Ballet's 50th Anniversary season A Month in the Country Michael Coleman Marguerite Porter Merle Park Gloria Andy Klunder New York City Ballet Suzanne Farrell Philip Johnson John Burgee Brahms-Schonberg Quartet Divertimento from Raiser de la Fee For the Love of Dance National Film Board of Canada Le Groupe de la Place Royale Trevor Schalk International Dance Film and Videotape Festival and Conference New York Public Library Firebird Maly Ballet Eva Evdokimova London Festival Ballet Amsterdam Gallery International Dance Council Ruth Page, Bruno Walter Auditorium A Midsummer Night's Dream Leonide Massine Alexandra Danilova Dance Publications Pavlova: Repertoire of a Legend Behind Barres: the Mystique of Masterly Teaching The Simon and Schuster Book of the Ballet 1982 Clifford E. Lee Award in Choreography du Maurier Council for the Performing Arts The Court Dance, Theatre and Music Company Cynthia Haivey Mauryne Allan's Mountain Dance Theatre Prism Dance Theatre Dance in Edmonton '81 Mark Hammond The Ballets Trockadero The National Arts Centre TIDE The World of Dance Series Dancing Pictures
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Dance in Canada Magazine Number 29 Fall 1981
Dance Collection Danse

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