Dance in Canada Magazine Number 27 Spring 1981

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Dance in Canada Magazine Number 27 Spring 1981

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One copy of Dance in Canada Magazine Number 27 Spring 1981

Contains the following articles:
- Theatre Ballet of Canada: A Second Generation Dance Venture-A Test for Lawrence Gradus
- Dance in the Ivory Tower...But with Feet Firmly on the Ground
- Massage: A Dancer's Best Friend
- Photo-Gallery: Andrew Oxenham
- Obituary
- In Review
- Noticeboard
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Dance in Canada Magazine
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Royal Winnipeg Ballet Alicia Markova Terminal City Dance Anna Wyman Dance Theatre Le Groupe de la Place Royale Toronto Dance Theatre Dance in Canada Conference Brian Macdonald Celia Franca Michael Crabb Les Grands Ballets Canadiens National Ballet of Canada Andrew Oxenham Ballet Ys Elaine Bowman Entre-Six Arnold Spohr James Kudelka Jean-Pierre Perreault Victoria Bertram Kathryn Brown Lawrence Gradus Les Ballets Jazz Robert Desrosiers Savannah Walling American Ballet Theatre Martha Graham Marie Marchowsky Contemporary Dancers Margie Gillis Duncan Noble Chantal Belhumeur Dansepartout Le Groupe Nouvelle Aire Donald MacSween National Arts Centre Theatre Ballet of Canada Canada Council Susan Cash Lucie Boissinot Jacqueline Lemieux Council for Business and the Arts in Canada Eliot feld Jerome Robbins Dennis Michaelson Tuktoyaktuk Computer system dance and technology Massage Healing pain Massage Therapist Government Legislation Health Insurance Photo Gallery Nicholas Koudriavtzeff Salle D.B. Clark Celia Franca Apocalypsis Centennial Hall Aleister Crowley William Blake Sally Lyons AXIS D.B. Clarke Theatre Iro Tembeck Astrid Janson Dancers' Studio West University of Calgary Theatre Douglas Hamburgh Brian Webb Larry McKinnon Lynette Fry-Abra Robert Desrosiers Dance Company Toronto Dance Theatre Choreographic Workshop Salle Gerin Lajoie CBAC Arnold Edinborough Les Grands Ballets Canadiens Dance Section The Art of Partnering Dance - A Federal Pas de Deux Ballet Repertory Company Jennifer Penny Dictionary of Canadian Dance Jillian Officer Anna Wyman Dance Company Conference '81 Canadian Dance Spectacular Canada Council's Music Section Dance Umbrella Vancouver Ballet Society Roberts Desrosiers Poor Alex Theatre The PAD Dance Ontario Toronto Branch of Les Ballets Jazz Louis-Andre Paquette The Canadian Children's Dance Theatre Michael de Coninck Smith Deborah Lundmark Tangente
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Dance in Canada Magazine Number 27 Spring 1981
Dance Collection Danse

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