Dance in Canada Magazine Number 24 Summer 1980

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Dance in Canada Magazine Number 24 Summer 1980

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One copy of Dance in Canada Magazine Number 24 Summer 1980

Contains the following articles:
- So You Want To Be A Choreographer?
- Focus on Alberta: Part I
The Future Beckons in a Land of Growth and Opportunity: Part II
- Still Young and Younger Still: Part III
- Creative Philanthropy Alberta Style
- The Root of the Matter The Ankle and Foot
- In Review
- Noticeboard
- Letters to the Editor
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Dance in Canada Magazine
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Royal Winnipeg Ballet Betty Farrally Terminal City Dance Dance in Canada Association Peter Randazzo Dancemakers Le Groupe de la Place Royale Toronto Dance Theatre Brian Macdonald Fernand Nault Michael Crabb Norbert Vesak Les Grands Ballets Canadiens National Ballet of Canada Maria Formolo Pacific Ballet Theatre Regina Les Grands Ballet Canadiens National Ballet School Anna Blewchamp Judith Marcuse Grant Strate Frank Bourman Rudi van Dantzig David Davis Peter Boneham Terrill Maguire Time out of Mind Susan Macpherson Victoria Bertram Alberta Contemporary Dance Theatre Carol Anderson Janice Hladki Petre Bodeut Rhonda Ryman Karen Rimmer Holly Small L'Assassin Menace Keith Urban Lee Choreography Award Contemporary Dancers Margie Gillis Mountain Dance Theatre Mara McBirney Nancy Ferguson The Two Pigeons National Ballet Donald McKayle Peggy Baker Pilobolus Dance Theatre Roberta Mohler Raymond SMith Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal Paula Ravitz Banff Festival of the Arts Quebec Ete Danse Lar Lubovitch Dance Company The Danny Grossman Dance Company The Magic of Dance Margot Fonteyn National Choreographic Seminar Brian Webb Dance Company Alberta Alberta Ballet Ruth Carse Brian Webb Banff Ballet Donald Cameron Gwenneth Lloyd Ned Corbett Vera Volkova Alan Hooper Natalia Zolotova Boris Rachmanin Jorge Garcia Michael Bawtree Clifford E. Lee Renald Rabu Chalmers Foundation Les grands Ballets Canadaiens Foot Structure Weight Distribution Flat Feet Movement of the feet Sickling Queensborough COmmunity College Magritte Michael Robertson The Garden The Path Grainne Holman Grant MacEwan Community College Ennui Ken Gould Muriel Stringer Choregraphes Quebecois Jeanne Renaud Etudes Harald Lander Stephen Godfrey Fox Theatre Hans Van Manen Songs Without Words Ronald Hynd NDWT Theatre Beth Harris Carol nderson Alina Glidner Postcards Jeff Reilly 15 Dance Lab Kingdom of Butan Bhutanese Bhutan The Asia Society Dancer and Musician of the Kingdom of Bhutan Traditions musicales du monde TV Ontario BBC New Directions in Dance duMaurier Council for the Performing Arts Art Par Contraband Gwenneth Lloyd and Betty Farrally Endowment Fund Leslie Manning Paula Ross Dance Company Prairie Dance Lab Association Modern Dance Week Kenneth Lppitz Stephanie Ballard Gina Lori-Riley Peter Ottmann Kevin Pugh Samuel Titchener-Smith Jeff Hyslop MACBECK Studios The Paula Moreno Spanish Dance Company The Ottawa Dance Theatre Ryerson Theatre Jennifer Muller and the Works Louis Falco Dance Company Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo Shaw festival New Music and Dance Orchestra Ballet de la Jeunesse Imperial Oil Louis-Andre Paquette Denis Michaelson Bishop University Lennoxville Danceast Contact-Nature Jeanne Robinson Dance Project
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Dance in Canada Magazine Number 24 Summer 1980
Dance Collection Danse

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