Dance in Canada Magazine Number 16, Summer 1978

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Dance in Canada Magazine Number 16, Summer 1978

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One copy of Dance in Canada Magazine Number 16, Summer 1978

Contains the following articles:
- Editorial by Michael Crabb
- No Mean Heritage: Dance in Vancouver: Early Days by Robert Todd
- Depression and War But a Golden Age For Dance in Vancouver by Leland Windreich
- How Not To See the Woods For the Trees: Recent Dance Developments in Vancouver An Annotated Chronology 1963-1978 by Elizabeth Zimmer
- Training the Dancer IV: Posture in Dance: Sense and Nonsense by Rhonda Ryman
- A Delicate Matter: Dance in Education and Education in Dance
- In Review
- Noticeboard
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Dance in Canada Magazine
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Dance in Canada Magazine Number 16, Summer 1978
Dance Collection Danse

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