Nancy Lima Dent oral history - tape 1 - intro

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Nancy Lima Dent oral history - tape 1 - intro

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interview with Lawrence Adams, excerpt 1, 25 Sep 1983
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File: 1-1of6a-intro.wav -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm going to eat 1, excuse me. Anyway, I don't know. You probably have some thoughts. What you'd like to talk about? Well, are you a mention them? That you're interested in people who are choreographing the 50s working in dancing with the same right, and so I assume that I can't think of thing you told me how to preparatory work, so I didn't, and I assume that you'd like to sort of start back there and then and work up and all the things will just come. Sure. Sure, that's fine. Do you want me to go back to that point? Yeah, perfect. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------